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We donít just build a beautiful website for you. We build a website with options that can place you at the top of all your competitors. Our design and marketing capability is based on in-depth 30 years of industry knowledge with the latest SEO and Social Media, and Mobile Tactics included.

We build websites that are based on the award winning design, the best marketing , mobile tools and strategies available today. No more flash, but YES TO MOTION. Flash affects your SEO so that was removed from the market long ago. Now you can have motion that appears to be flash but it doesnít affect your Search Engine Optimization. You get that professional look but with the SEO not affected.


We now offer CUSTOMIZED WEBSITES with shopping cards, CMS, and more, now with prices lower than ever, OR EVEN FREE SALON WEBSITES AND FREE SPA WEBSITES as well. All now offer all SEO and Social Media Options.

We now build a website for you that allow you to EDIT ALL OF YOUR TEXT OR CONTENT so YOU DONíT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANY CHANGES.

No more pay by the hour. All customization has set prices.

To all clients that want to make their own changes but do not understand how to do so receive a one free hour per month with both education and directions. That is a $50 FREE service included.

Want to change your photos or request a new design. All you need to do is look at the design options and photo list. A professional designer will work with you to give you the professional look or looks or you can CHANGE THE PHOTOS YOURSELF.

Every website starts with defining your desired look and then your business goals. What follows is careful planning that produces maximum results on a minimum budget.

Customized Websites

Customized Websites

I.S. Marketing named Marketing Gurus in 1994 has been teaching PROMOTIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS for the last 30 years and now offers you AUTOMATED OPTIONS for website, facebook, twitter, blog, mobile apps, and much more.

Why don’t most websites produce desired results? Most website designers are NOT marketing gurus with SEO and Mobile App knowledge. On the other hand most marketing gurus with SEO and Mobile App knowledge are very good designers. What you get at I.S. Marketing is both. I.S. Marketing stands above the basics now because with our design award winning experience and our marketing knowledge we offer both. After we launch your new website we continue to watch for maximum effectiveness based on the options you have chosen.

If you want to change your brochure on your website....... NO problem. We now provide a program that allows you to go on-line, make your menu changes, and request FREE website placement OR you can load it yourself.

We want your website to have the BEST WEB RESULTS INCREASING YOUR CASH FLOW! We offer STRATEGIC marketing results. Getting excellent results online is a marathon, not a sprint. Your website CAN BE your KEY COMPONENT TO YOUR MARKETING SUCCESS.

It is all about growth strategies and I.S. Marketing can now place you at the top of the ladder.

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