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Donna Martin-White – Named Marketing Guru By  LNE
CLASS...Sunday 3:30 - 5:00, Room W312A
Little To Nothing Marketing Budget?
Take Control of Your Success! How To Get All Of Your Customized Marketing Paid For!
CLASS...Monday 1:00 - 2:30, Room W312A
The WOW Factor!  How To Get Your Clients To Love You  and Refer Many Others!

We’ve been using their services for almost 18 years and we now have over 18,000 clients thanks to their directions. They teach one of the best marketing classes I have ever taken! T.Sheratan
Trade Show June 2012


Donna makes this a fun class, with new ideas that anyone can understand and use to change their future from failure to success.

This class is an opportunity of a life time that teaches you the core concepts of “Area Saturation For 50 Ways To Get 50% More New Clients In One Year” and “Mobile Tactics (Be Listed Above All Competition On The Web)”.

“Area Saturation For 50 Ways To Get 50% More New Clients In One Year” Is your business not generating enough new clients due to competition, or simply by decreased interest in services or products? Or, are all previous marketing ideas you ’ve been given not working quickly enough for you to produce the capital you desire? To be successful every business needs to have a strategic marketing plan, not only for standard growth but to increase on a monthly basis. Without a strategic market- ing plan you can waste resources or miss opportunities to in- crease your business. Donna Martin-White has been teaching marketing techniques that change businesses from average to successful for the last 28 years, receiving rave reviews.

“Mobile Tactics (Be Listed Above All Competition On The Web)” The truth is everybody wants their business to be placed first on all Web and mobile search engines, but many haven’t taken the time to do so, or don’t understand the options available. When it comes down to it, it is all about the mobile tactics to display all your certified on-line profiles, to promote your con- tact points on Web, Facebook and all mobile devices. There are also a few hidden secrets that work that few are teaching. Join Donna Martin-White who has been teaching marketing techniques in the beauty industry for 28 years, changing busi- nesses from average to successful, receiving rave reviews.

Also, optional 30-minute FREE Business Consultation PER at- tendee. Must attend class, must schedule consultation by calling 800-717-2566.

Trade Show June 2012

"I went to 6 classes during the show and I averaged one page of notes per class. At Ms. White's class I took twelve pages of notes. What a learning experience. She is the best teacher!"
Kaye Horn=

"Donna is the best speaker I have ever heard! It is one class that no one should miss."